A cold clammy damp

Heracyan 1:4

The last hut is charred and damaged but still stands. It lies at the edge of the swamp with a small dock and a flat bottom skiff bobbing in the wake of a massive form swimming away at speed.
Yosi describes the creature as it dove into the water, he gives the use of his skiff and warns them of the more common dangers of the cold swamp.

Over a day of travel through the swamps brought the trio to the stone hills. A grouping of ancient burial cairns that tower above the swamp just above the level of the trees. The stone rings etched with antediluvian draconian sigils make a good and peaceful camp site. The peace is broken when a grouping of Lizard folk lead by their matriarch arrive to ask the group their reasons for coming to the swamp and tell them of the beast that has disrupted the balance of this ancient place. Giving direction and totems of bonding, small toads carved as signs of wisdom and protection. The Lizard folk help the group find the foul beast.

The Creature that has harmed the land around the swamp was tracked to its lair where a muddy landing with raised stones rings a place of power. The flame spewing heads of the hydra lunge and snap, burn and clash with the hand, steel and armor of Freya, Hasyn and Karek. Though things seems dire when more and more heads sprouted from the body the beast was finally subdued. The overall fight was viscous but brief.

After a short time Freya and Karek were able to skin enough of the scaly hide to forge armor when they have a reprieve. And the Lizard folk arrive to take the eggs of this creature into hand. They will hatch and nurture the new ‘god of strength’ to replace the old corrupted one. And thus restore the balance to their home.


Drelbking Drelbking

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