And it burns down the house

Heracyan 1:3

Following the pillar of smoke and fire to a village that is situated upon the edge of the Cold Swamp, the group enters a broken and burned village where many are hurt and more trapped. The people among the rubble are at first alarmed with the arrival of strangers. Then calmer when they realize that the newcomers are not Jade Army. And finally relieved when the seven dive right in helping to rescue the victims.

Montisar dives in through a burning hole in a wall and rescues several children, leading them to safety and reuniting then with their elders. Hardaws uses his prodigious strength at the direction of Karek to clean rubble and Freya, Helena and Vulpis work on healing the grievously wounded ones.
What stormed through the village was a gnashing and flaming beast of scale and claw that stole livestock and lives. Though few were actually killed, few came away with no injury. Cutting a direct line for the swamp at the edge of the valley.


Drelbking Drelbking

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