Caught between a snake fish and a wall

Heracyan 1:5

After resting and feasting with the Lizard folk the three Shields are escorted to the barrier stones. Large serpentine figures carved in a time before this swamp existed. They mark the edge of the Lizard folk territory. Every thing beyond here is under the eye of ‘the Seer’ A mysterious figure who has great power of form and insight. Reads the future and the past as easily as travelers read the stars.

Following the larger watery paths with their borrowed skiff the cold swamp gives way to ruins that are older than even the Duorgie city below Najin. The ruins are of an ancient serpentine race, ones who slithered and swam the way that humanoids walk and ride. Eventually they follow the flow out into a lake that surrounds the temple city of Khmer Vatta, the home of the Seer.

A large bump to the boat sends the Heavily armored dwarf over the side while Hasyn and Freya attempt a rescue Karek can see shapes moving below and around. Finding their way back into the boat and rowing around the island to a likely landing spot on the south western side they are able to discern that the walls of the Temple are made to look like coiling snakes laid atop each other.

After finding high ground and setting camp they are attacked by gnashing clawing snake fish that swarm up the rocks with the intent of devouring all in there path. Surviving the onslaught of mindless mouths, Hasyn scouts ahead while Freya and Karek find higher ground to rest upon.


Drelbking Drelbking

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