Seeing what you see

Heracyan 1:6

The three rested and motivated, slip through a rend in the wall and move down into the Temple City of Khmer Vatta. Moving along rubble strewn paths and fallen trees they approach a vine covered temple entrance, these vines allow them to move forward easily but any effort to move back was barred.
At the center was a shaft of light and a ringed pool of Elemental water, the pool home to a true water elemental. Hasyn conversed with the creature and determined what was owed for entry into the Seers presence. Karek forged his masterpiece, a coiled serpent. While Freya conveyed a story and gave the tale of a lifetime. These were deemed as worthy and entry was allowed.
The Seers form was threefold, the form of a strangely beautiful woman, a serpentine form of some human shape, and a sinuous winged dragon each and all of a blue green hue that had an inner glow.
Cyan Blood-bane accepted her offerings and offered up tea, bread and salt as an agreement of hospitality. For the time being they were honored guests and under her protection.

The ancient Seers words were strange but she gave forth information of a powerful nature. The Crown Jewel set upon the brow of the the Jade Emperor is the heart of the soveriegns power and protection. When that is removed a simple blessed bolt made from a petrified tree will be enough to slay the creature that sits upon the throne of all knowledge and learning.

Leaving with the Bolt, the knowledge of how to defeat the Emperor and a request to bring back the stone known as the Kadyx. Do the Cerulean Shields set out for the final battle with the Jade Emperor, or do they seek allies and a means to stop the ravening hoards of Oni.


Drelbking Drelbking

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