The whim of a fox

Heracyan 1:2

Freya Ashwren, Karek Greyiron, and the ever fluid Hasyn traverse the byways of the western reaches of Heracyan. Coming upon a tied and beaten traveler tossed off a small stone bridge the group are suspicious that he was only hurt and not killed. Being rescued and kept close the man Vulpis leads on down the road. Less than a half mile down the road, the peace is broken with the thrum of crossbows cutting the air. Being fired at from both sides and a mountain of orcish form charges with a falchion.
Karek kept the other Shields on their feet and moving while Freya fired at the sources of the bolts. Hasyn took on the woman in leather coat lunging with longsword.

A quick tense battle ensues where Vulpis arms himself with a rapier and makes broad boasts of his prowess and how the trio should lay down their arms. At which the outlaws are subdued and the smallest of their number steps forward. A gnome with a shock of rainbow hair and flowing vibrant robes calls an end to the violence and attends to his mountainous friend.

“I am Montisar known as ‘Two-Talents’. My compatriots, Vulpis you have already met. This is his better Helena. And my mountainous friend here is Hardawz. We are a group of Brave Companions. “
Coming from many different places around the Cerulean Sea, this group is brave to take on larger odds but defend their work. Stealing mostly from the Jade Army the Brave Companions are a strange cross of over confident and understanding. In time the four might be good agents but for now they are merely traveling mates.


Drelbking Drelbking

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