Which way to the Witch

Paths choosen

Fiddenmar leads the way to her village, they are racing against time. Tyrwhitt having been gored earlier in the day by a Boar collapsed on the trail. Zan-kyri and Ruz constructed a litter to carry him to help. Jon Ravenstar over taxed himself to help his traveling companion and nearly collapsed himself. Zan-kyri and Ruz took up the litter duties while Fiddenmar went ahead to scout shortly she returned with a younger Wilden Hamaraka and they take up the litter and whisk the wounded raven kin to Wilden elder and healer Olwain.

A birch bark skinned Wilden of knotted hands and driftwood grey eyes administers healing salves and comforting drafts to Tyrwhitt and Jon Ravenstar. Zan-kyri, and Ruz are introduced to Olwain and they tell there story throughout the evening.

Having slept through a night and another day to rest Tyrwhitt is well mended by the time that Fiddenmar comes to the group with the news of a poisoned stream to the north that threatens all the water ways down stream. And that the knowledge they seek about the Trod may lay with the witch Selnarine to the west. Fiddenmar holds a bladder with the Clearwater potion that Praevilo the seer of the Hacanac gave her with the warning that “if you don’t have this with you then the path ahead will be far darker.”

She gives a portion of the purifying liquid to her elder Olwain who chooses three of his most experienced scouts to deliver to the Badger Family stream and clean the contamination that threatens the land. Parting with the Wilden the party sets off across the river with the three scouts to the west. After a few hours the Verdant Spears set to the north while the Cerulean Shields set to the west, seeking an audience with the Witch of the Wood.


Drelbking Drelbking

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