Freya Ashwren

She doesn't worry too much about... most things, really, but especially theoretical questions of morality.


Freya Ashwren is a Half-Elf from a long line of Half-Elves, and was my inspiration for inventing the alignment “Reluctant Good.”

She doesn’t worry too much about… most things, really, but especially theoretical questions of morality. The one thing she can’t stand is slavery of the body or mind. The Evil Succubus with control over several innocent people in Najn? Not okay. Keeping the populace separated, ignorant, and unable to trade and learn about other cultures? Also not okay.

Freya came about this code entirely by accident.

She grew up in a small village with several other Half-Elves, so she never really felt odd because of her race. However, most of her family was more into magics and the softer things in life, and she was decidedly not. Her brother Xander, especially, often caused her to feel like she was speaking an entirely different language. So when she came of age, and found that she could travel to the nearby town of Crossroads and learn to fight well, as well as protect the town, she jumped at the chance. Through her time in the militia, she also learned a little about leadership.

She enjoyed her time in the Crossroads Militia very much, but even there she never truly fit in. She was good at battle tactics, but only really on an individual level. She shunned the heavy armor in favor of quick strikes, and found she liked a second blade better than a shield. The higher-ups liked having her around when it came to fighting and getting situations around town settled. They also liked her charming smile, which seemed to come easily to her when there were no threats to be dealt with. They did not, however, necessarily care for the influence she was giving the younger recruits, and felt like she was setting a bad example in her shunning of tradition.

So when an interesting discovery led her to seek a Dwarven village which no one was sure still existed, she jumped at the chance. And the militia gave her a severance pay and good wishes for her journey.

On that journey, she finally started to feel like she belonged somewhere. Well, everywhere, really. The new places she saw, and experiences she had, convinced her that a life of exploration and discovery was probably what she wanted. She found Gemhold, and learned something about good beer and good armor making. She also learned that there had been a trade route between Gemhold and Crossroads long ago, and started the movement to reopen the roads.

And so began a pattern: Freya goes to a place because she is curious, and accidentally leaves world-changing ideas in her wake. When she started to suspect that she might be descended from Cale, one of the founders of the Empire, it only made sense, as big things happened around her, whether she intended them or not. (She won’t state with certainty that she does come from such a prestigious ancestry, though, as she finds now more important than the distant past, and who she is more important than who her ancestors were.) Starting the Cerulean Shields was the same way. Originally intended as a mercenary guild, to take care of the small jobs people needed done, it grew to be a beacon of hope for the restoration of civilization through the land. Of course, not everyone likes that idea.

The guild is also home to a tavern, which is generally run by Sasha, her… Well, he’s the closest thing she has to a significant other. They don’t really have things like “relationship discussions.” He’s also a Half-Elf, and Freya rescued him from the Evil Succubus mentioned above. They enjoy a comfortable relationship with long absences from each other, when one or the other is off adventuring. Usually it is Freya who is gone, but she’s been staying around home more for the past couple of years. Partly because she is planning a long journey to fight a war, and has been gathering all the resources and information she can… but also because she and Sasha now have a child. A daughter, who is growing up in the bustle of the guild, with dozens of “aunts and uncles” and a will to match Freya’s.

Leaving home behind might be a little more difficult than it has been previously, but it’s just what has to be done, and Freya knows that no one can do the job at hand better than she can. At least not anyone who is willing to fight.

Freya Ashwren

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