Half elf born of a noble elven house and a mysterious human man. Raised by Monks on Zulf, and sailed the seas with a University Scooner for a time.


Hasyn, level 18 Half-Elf, Monk, Elemental Anchorite


Hasyn was born to an elvish woman of some noble house, though no one knows for sure which one. The only information the monks could get from her mother was that her half-humanity would have damaged her family’s reputation. She appeared elvish enough as a small infant, but by the time she became a toddler it was obvious that her father was not elvish, and to avoid punishment her mother was forced to give her up and fake her death. Details were mostly forgotten by the time Hasyn bothered to wonder about her parentage, but what she does know is that the monks drew up a certificate of death, citing an attack/robbery as the cause and agreed to take her in and raise her in the Eternal Tide monastic tradition.

The monastery is located on the island Zulf and has always been relatively small and self-sufficent but humble. The monks worship the sea itself and feel that they can communicate with the elements. Hasyn has always tried to embody the traits that her order attributes to the element of water; Calm and life affirming at its best, but able to be as dangerous and tumultuous as is needed, fluid and adaptable, able to move through anything with ease or change the unchageable with a consistant dedicated momentum.

Time in a larger sense isn’t well documented in her monastery, so Hasyn’s actual age isn’t known. She does know that after being considered mature she left the monastery to travel, grow as a person and learn more about nature and balance. Officially, her goal was to work at her training as an elemental initiate, but personally she felt the constant struggle for power and the suffering of the innocent goes against the natural balance, and she has always had something of a soft spot for the underdog. Most of her time has been spent in solitude. She finds temporary lodging in small waterfront homes or the odd passenger ship, or outside of any major cities living in the wild. Occasionally her neutral mannerisms afford her the ability to interact with normally unapproachable creatures, but those interactions were brief. The only extensive time Hasyn spent with other people started years ago when she joined the crew of a university vessel and traveled the sea with them, studying oceanic wildlife and helping them record their findings into endless volumes of research compendiums. During her stay with the professors aboard, she learned something about civilization specifically politics and sociology. The more informed she became about the workings of the world, the more she struggled internally. While she strove to be indifferent and neutral, she couldn’t help but feel a desire to make a mark on the world, especially since the professors had a tendency to emphasis how quickly the world was changing and how it was any decent person’s duty to fight for a greater good to rid the world of war mongering and injustice. So eventually she left the ship to get away from the emotions and conflicts that were being stirred in her.


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