Karek Greyiron

Level 18 Dwarven Warlord [Marshal]


Karek Greyiron (Level 18 Dwarven Warlord [Marshal]) was born and raised along the outskirts of the Dwarven city of Gemhold. Greyiron served in the Gemhold Militia for many years, becoming a seasoned Captain and skilled combat leader. Karek also did a tour with local Knight Hospitalers Guild to learn how to better take care of soldiers in battle. He was proud to have the chance to uphold the peace for his city and surrounding countryside but tired of the lack of excitement. Even being “middle-aged” for a Dwarf at 132 years, Karek kept active in the Militia’s “Trials and Challenges”, the closest thing to a “sporting event” in the area. He did so both for his own health and fitness but also to show the recruits that he was up to the challenge of fighting beside them in battle.

He grew up hearing stories of his Great Grandfather (after whom he was named and who shared his “Day of Worldjoining” or “birthday”) who was one of the last lengendary Warforgers, a creator of powerful, magically animated iron golems. The art of Warforging was thought to be lost with his passing during the fall of the Old Empire, centuries before.

When Freya’s Cerulean Shields guild came to Gemhold with an “alive” Warforged, as well as pieces of others, Karek took it as a sign from his Great Grandfather that it was time to pass command of his Militia on to his trusted Lieutenant, Morgran Felhammer, and join these outsiders in making a difference in the world.

Karek Greyiron

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