Renarian Emerald

Renarian Imperial Emerald


Renar Imperial Stone

Vibrant green and faceted it sparkles even in starlight glowing with a verdant green light when commanded

At-will Minor action When pressed to a weapon and the command word spoken it adheres as if it were always part of it

At-will Minor action Speak the command word and the blade is sheathed in a pure white light shedding bright light in a burst 5 squares and dealing +5 Radiant damage to the next attack made with that weapon this round.

Daily standard action Concentrating some of your own life force through the crystal it lets loose with a burst of radiant energy laying low those who are anathema to life.

Uses one healing surge to power Turn Undead

  • Each undead burst 2. Highest Ability mod + Half Level vs Will
  • Hit: 1d10 + mod + Half Level radiant damage & pushes the target 3 + mod squares, target is immobilized until end of next turn
  • Miss: 1/2 damage

Forged by Cale Storm Lord, the Second of the Imperial brothers. The three Imperial stones were part of the favored weapons of the brothers. These among other Relics increased the brothers power sevenfold.

Renarian Emerald

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