Xandros Sapphire

Xandros Imperial Sapphire


Xandros Imperial Stone

Ice blue sapphire cut into a sphere, imperfections within look like snow flakes

At-will Minor action When pressed to a weapon and the command word spoken it adheres to it as though always part of it

At-will Minor action The crystals chill permeates through the weapon dealing +5 Cold damage to the next attack made with that weapon.

Daily standard action Concentrating some of your own life force through the crystal it rimes the weapon in frost and draws arcane energy to protect the wielder and nearby allies.

Uses one healing surge to power a Shield spell

  • Daily Immediate Interrupt
  • Effect: When an enemy hits you or an adjacent ally with an area of effect, (burst or blast) you & your ally’s adjacent to you gain +4 to the Defense of your choice until the end of your next turn

Forged by Cale Storm Lord, the Second of the Imperial brothers. The three Imperial stones were part of the favored weapons of the brothers. These among other Relics increased the brothers power sevenfold.

Xandros Sapphire

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