Character Creation
Heroes are made not born

Character creation is standard D&D 4e from the book and D&D Character Builder http://www.wizards.com/DnD/Tools.aspx

Characters will be Level 18, you start with Three magic items; One each of one level above, one level below and one of your level. You also have any mundane gear you can carry and money or trade goods equal to an item of your level.

A basic background of your character is required, early life & recent years. Any large events that have shaped the person they are. Backgrounds options in the Character Builder are a great place for ideas. Think about things such as a time that you failed, a tragedy or some sort of goal. Give the world something to play off of.

Characters will be starting near Four Winds on the western coast of the inland sea. You will be going from one location to another and are between adventures.


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