Four Winds The Traders City

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Four Winds is a city which grew out of the marches of a growing empire. She has taken of many forms throughout hundreds of years and her patchwork of culture and style shine.
State building and Guild Halls are grandiose and have a sense of pomposity without any real majesty, seeming to be based on descriptions of other great structures never actually seen by residents of the city.

While the shops and private homes are simple but ornate, an archway into a small garden here. The stone bench in front a well, or the tree grown into a shaded path for cooling down on the hot days. The peoples of the city are diverse coming from all over the former Renarian Empire.
Dwarf cellars are full of home brewed ales, while Elven gardens are lush and verdant. Each street is a new mix of old and new, wood and stone, hard and soft. This city above all others is truly alive.

Four Winds is surrounded by a single defensive wall, 20 feet tall and 10 feet thick. Wide enough for guards to patrol and strong enough to withstand a moderate siege. Though a trade hub cannot afford to make access difficult, and the city has never needed to repulse invaders. Thus, vast gates pierce the wall at many points, including on each of the four main roads. Though the gates stand open day and night they are solid and defensible, grown as a gift from the each of the Eladrin Seasonal Courts. The Northern trade gate is Boros. The Eastern gate is called Erus. The Southern is named Sotus and the Western and most heavily used gate is Phyrus.

The Government spares no expense in road maintenance, even when cutting costs in other services. The cobblestone streets are built to accommodate feet, hooves, and wheels. The main roads are abnormally wide, allowing even the largest wagon to pass unhindered. Intersection have clearly marked street names, and most major thoroughfares are lit at night by the Illuminators Guild. Light is dependent on the neighborhood in the richest sections have Illuminators use magic while poorer sections use simple oil lamps. But each of the main roads are lit using Magical Lamps that burn continually. The layout of the minor streets is a simple grid, visitors can find their way with little difficulty. Smaller roads and alleys are hidden from the main roads behind buildings, ensuring that merchants are not inconvenienced by trash or beggars.

Some features of the city are

  1. Defensive wall
  2. City gate
  3. Civic center
  4. Embassy district
  5. Fine shops
  6. Magic district
  7. Noble estates
  8. Wealthy residential district
  9. Average residential district
  10. Garrison
  11. Guildhall district
  12. Marketplace
  13. Temple district
  14. Caravan district
  15. Inn/Tavern district
  16. Red-Light district
  17. Shantytown
  18. Slum/Tenement district
  19. Warehouse district
  20. Governors Manor
  21. Cerulean Shields Guild

The city’s attempt to not be influenced by any one culture or peoples have produced a unique personality. Fashions from all cultures run the riot of colors, and cuts. The bright and garish styles of the halfling river peoples are sometimes worn by middle class youths, while the Simple and comfortable styles of the Elven people are favored by the elder humans. For the wealthiest Merchants, and Artisan’s the colorful and subdued style of Eladrin and Dwarf attire are most prevalent.

The people are cosmopolitan and declare tolerance of other, but provincial attitudes do appear especially in the Richest areas. Overall visitors are welcome and treated very well as long as coin is to be had. Merchants flock to Four Winds to trade or as just a stop over on their journeys to other markets.

A standing city guard enforces the Imperial and Trade Laws. Thus allowing a sense of safety and security. As any large city crime is high, but so long as miscreants limit their activities to picking pockets and petty crimes, the guards grant them some latitude in the name of maintaining the peace. Should harm or worse come to merchants be they foreign or local , the guard turns Four Winds upside-down in the search for the perpetrators.

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Four Winds The Traders City

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