Hercyan Philosophers Kingdom

Hercyan; Kingdom of the Blue Heron.
Banner is a blue heron with one leg raised in a white circle on a gold field.
A land of the Philosopher Kings is a complex and beautiful society of artists, thinkers and creators. The High Lord is traditionally selected from among its most aged and learned honorable citizens. Low mist filled valleys and bamboo covered mountains. The seaside villages are clustered with fishermen and the terraced hills with rice farmers.
Pagodas stab at the sky while the Palace upon the waters of Eternity houses the seat of all knowledge within the kingdom.

In recent years the venerable and quite king has taken up a new philosophy. Whispers among the braver citizenry tell of the changes in their former gentle and beloved leader. A philosophy of spreading fear and despair among his people while demanding at sword point that all who dwell under the gaze of the Jade Eyed Emperor are “like words upon parchment, mine to wield as I see fit.” Now The Jade army is moving upon the boarders to the north and filling out the ranks with conscripts. Leaving many of the villages, farms and towns with few to work the fields and tend to the young and old.

War has not yet been declared against the Principality of Gabil to the north, but one can see that is only a matter of time.

The Humans are the largest numbers within the boarder with elves a close second. Things here used to be too slow and quite even for the easy going halflings to find the kingdom interesting. Now with the warbands raiding upon settlements that are under the protection of the Jade Army, and a fierce Dragon attacking anyone who is not under that same protection. The halfling traders are growing more numerous and pushing further than they do, especially in winter when trade would be at the lowest.

Hercyan Philosophers Kingdom

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