Kingdom of Two Knights

On the northern coast lays the kingdom of Two Knights ounce the northern march of the Empire which is still ruled by its hereditary heir’s. The banner of the March Lord is a Cerulean Blue field with a White Wyvern upon it. Not only is this his sigil but part of his family’s heritage.

Before the March Lords family ruled these lands the Wyvern were too many. Boar and bear were few and the stag quit returning. The forest cats and wolves had no food so they crept closer to villages and farms. For food there was plenty From the fields, valleys and forests were full of cattle and sheep as well as harras of wild horses. The Wyvern learned this too, soon Sheppard’s would be lazing in the day’s sun and see a shadow pass over head and in an instant two or three of his flock would be taken away to sate these drakes hunger.

When the Imperial Lords divided the kingdoms among their children the northern coast of Oasvin went to Gravestone Blue-mantle, a great hunter and games men who preferred a weeks hunt to a single day residing over his own court. He was less than 30 years old and took to the vast fields and woods for a month after only spending one night in his own bed. Though his men and he were studious they were only able to find badgers, rabbits and other small game.

After only ten day’s Lord Blue-mantle was thinking of turning back when one of his guides spotted a shadow upon the ground. A Wyvern landed only a league away, an hour’s walk but much less on horseback. The hunting party split into two groups the Lord and his knights set out upon horseback to scout and circle the beast while the rest would strike the camp and travel the three miles on foot setting a trap. Gravestone watched as the beast sat in a clearing in the wood and gorged its self on three sheep, slicing it into bite size pieces with its knife like teeth and scythe like claws. Twice the height of a man on horse back, its colors ran the range of tanned deer hide. Not as big as the March Lord had seen flying nearer the mountains on his journey to his new home yet it was a magnificent adolescent. This was a great turn of events with the beast in the open it could fly away if threatened though full from three large sheep it would be hard pressed to take to the air being weighed down and still not full grown. Just past the clearing were tall trees with plenty of room for the drake to run. The beast knowing these forests well would take to hiding among the trees until it could fly again or turn and face its attacker.

Gravestone blew on his horn and his knights all charged from the wood yelling and whooping and blowing horns. The Wyvern took one look and began running spreading its prodigious wings. But other than a few hops it met the edge of the wood before it could take to the air. Tucking its wings and bowing its head the hunter became the hunted. It would get ahead of the horsemen then have a wall of horns and spears thrust just before it and a little to one side. Then it would turn and the horsemen would close. Most of the mounted men reined up and rested while others continued the chase. The efforts of the hunters began bearing fruit. They kept the beast turning to its right and changed the knights chasing it regularly. after a time the beast was only lobbing along and had thrown up nearly two sheep. It bellowed its fear and frustration and stopped. Turning around it charged the line of horses, doing so quickly enough it took only one spear wound but maimed three horses and breaking a few knights’ bones. The Wyvern broke the ranks and charged trough the woods the hunters on horseback chased it as the rest tended the wounded. The beast was losing ground with each beat of the horses hooves but made a clearing before the knights could encircle it. With a hand full of beats of its wings the beast lept into the air just before the tree line. Leaping into the air and slowly rising above an arrow shot. It glided many miles away and over hills to the east and then out of sight before Lord Gravestone Blue-mantle turned away to tend to his men.

On their return to the keep the hunting party bought Mutton and beef from the farm were the Wyvern had stolen its meal and paid for the stolen sheep as well. March Lord Blue-mantle held a great feast in honor of the drake which had shown him humility. The Wyvern was adopted as the Emblem upon the Blue-mantel. The peaceful northern kingdom which has had no war, but fights with creatures from the mountains had only one trial. The numbers of the Wyverns were far too many. The Lordship sought council on how best to bring the population to a more natural level. An ancient hunter from far into the woods came and gave wise council so the kingdom would be safe and yet remain a place for these great creatures to thrive. Now the Wyvern hunts only happen when one of the beasts becomes a problem for farmers and Sheppard’s. The creature is revered and left to its own. In time the numbers of bear, deer and boar grew and the wolves and forest cats returned. The March Lord at harvest hosted a grand feast in honor of the Wyvern the peoples of Two Knights and his soon to be wife.

That feast was the beginning of a harvest feast that is thrown still and now benefits the people of the town of Two Knights and the surrounding lands. The Story of the hunt is still told and acted out by children who dress up in costumes as knights and hunters. Two are selected by the current March Lord to stand as Lord Gravestone and the Wyvern. A circlet of fine bronze for the young lord and a set of wings made from a Wyvern for the ferocious beast. The coveted role is usually that of the Wyvern. They chase each other around the plaza with the other children slaying one another until the festivities culminate in the Lord paying his people for the feast and sitting in the town common with them enjoying the fruits of hard won years labor.

Kingdom of Two Knights

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