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p. Oasvin is the World and its beating heart is the Cerulean Sea, the small ocean, it is called many things by those who live near her shores. She is a beautiful inland sea full of life and adventure ringed by kingdoms. Each represents a part of the glory of the old Empire. Each kingdom has its own history and its own path into the future.

Cerulean Kingdoms;
Cerulean Sea
Four Winds The Traders City
Gorgan City of the Stone Bull
Atil Slave Hold of Gorgan
Astara City of Brass
Amnal the Gatekeepers Abode
Hercyan Philosophers Kingdom
Kingdom of Two Knights

Many of these Kingdoms are great and boast some of the grandest cities in the lands that made up the old Renarian Empire. But each pales in comparison to the grandeur, the scale and the power displayed by the Imperial cities.
Renar the Imperial Capital for the Renarian Empire has stood for thousands of years and still is one of the largest cities in the world.
Cale Port is a city built in the north coast of the Great Ocean and fills with peoples of all races and backgrounds seeking knowledge.
Xandros most often called The Citadel is the Military strong point of the southern reaches and held the remnants of the Ancient Draconian Empire at bay.

Many other powers exist in the world among them are religious organizations and political groups, even paramilitary organizations that share much in common with cults and groups of heroes attempting to place the crumbled kingdoms back onto a path of good and prosperity.
* Adamants
* Guild of the Emerald Eye
* The Cerulean Shields

Main Page

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