The Cerulean Shields

Nearly a millennia ago a group of sages drew together warriors, scholars and mages from across the dying empire. They taught this group of adventurers the great things that they could accomplish together. They forged a brotherhood they named the Cerulean Shields.

Three hundred years ago the last of the Cerulean shields were caught between three enemies. This broke the brotherhood and scattered the survivors. Some were twisted, others souls were ripped apart and a few, a very few were left only heart broken and grieving.

The Cerulean Shields have been a story of history and legend. Of a bygone time that may never have existed. Yet there is talk that such an emblem has been seen again. Soldiers and scouts flying a banner with a Blue Shield riding with war parties to put down bandit raids. And attached to documents of the doings of many nations traveling back and forth between the City Kingdoms.

The most exciting story about these New Cerulean Shields is that they started again here. A village upon a cross roads on the far western edge of the old Empire. And the woman who first raised this new shield against the dangers of the world once slept in this very barracks room. Generations of Militia recruits have carved their names into the various surfaces. The underside of the bunk above you has a carving of a bird and a name, Ashwren.

The Cerulean Shields

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