• Dindral Oakhead

    Dindral Oakhead

    One handed dwarf of near human size who wields a battleaxe and belows a war cry to shake the mountains.
  • Freya Ashwren

    Freya Ashwren

    She doesn't worry too much about... most things, really, but especially theoretical questions of morality.
  • Hasyn


    Half elf born of a noble elven house and a mysterious human man. Raised by Monks on Zulf, and sailed the seas with a University Scooner for a time.
  • Jenthrup


    Half Orc purveyor of the Five Tankards Tavern
  • Karek Greyiron

    Karek Greyiron

    Level 18 Dwarven Warlord [Marshal]
  • Merielanna


    Merielanna [Elf/Female/Elder/Sword Mage]
  • Montisar


    Montisar "Two-Talent" Battlespell is an acomplished swords man and a particularly good gnome illusionist .
  • Sasha


    Bartender and friend of the Guild founder Freya a learned bard and budding fighter.
  • Teahumble


    Teahumble is a kindly and very helpful if a little bumbling halfling. He adorns himself in a bright red cape and a large brimmed red hat that is topped by seven candles that burn night and day