Cassadega Ankeshel


When the Human settlers followed the Long Coast south past the Dragons Teeth they encountered a new land that was sparsely populated. Setting anchor in a likely harbor they found a city who’s only remains were the foundations of ancient buildings and a half flooded shallow water harbor that used to be above water.
p. A twenty night later when the moon was full a group of aquatic elves entered the city to see what the new comers intended. They found the refugees with little food. Poorly planned gardens in an alkaline soil and the smell of sickness. Taking pity upon the Dry People the tribe returned the next night with nets of fish and bags of kelp. The humans ate the fish and fed the kelp to there livestock. Not knowing they were meant to eat it themselves. The increased fertilizer from the now recovering livestock and the fish carcasses vitalized the gardens and soon the community had a thriving source of food. Mineral water springs bubbling up from the stone below the town provided water and the Sea began to provide meat.
p. Rumors of the strange looking saviors of the village began to spread. But when a trio of boats dredged up from the bottom were found on the shore in the light of day they new that the creatures from the sea meant only to help. Using the boats as model and plan they were able to make a single fishing boat and used the nets the Sea Elves had left for them they struggled at first. Though soon the boat was brimming with fish. Striking home for shore a pod of porpoises herded them safely through the waters to home.
p. The village is now a town and the Surface dwellers and the Water dwellers are a thriving community. Trade with the two has brought more ships using the Anchor Islands every year. And traders using coastal skiffs have come from the Arkhosian peninsula to the south and the Renarian Cities to the north. Some ships from even further lands have arrived of late. Keeping to themselves and trading little if at all. Their strange ships of dark wood and multiple crimson sails set them apart, though they have caused no trouble.
p. As a port city it can get very lively and a little dangerous. Fishing and Trade are the major businesses here, Its status as a free port with no taxes on ship cargo has gotten around and they are becoming very popular. The static population is large and either farms, fishes or works the docks and shops but many people have begun to excavate the ruins below and are finding curious artifacts. Though it is a dangerous job, with tunnels and old buildings collapsing and the occasional lone explorer disappearing. Even the Sea Elves are worried lately due to sever of there patrols going missing of late. They keep it to themselves but some have noticed the water breathers stockpiling supplies as if they may have to leave.

Population 7,000-10,000
Human 78%
Aquatic Elf 15%
Other 7%

Exports: Fish, salvage goods, ancient artifacts, Ship trade.
Imports: Food, lumber, grains, immigration, Ship trade.

Mysteries of Cassadega Ankeshel

Who built the original city and how did it become to be reduced to stone and dust?

Where did the humans flee from that this place of seeming abandon and death was preferable?

The ships of the Crimson sail, what do they want?

The ruins below hide many secrets but are they worth digging up?

No overland travel is possible because of the vast wastes that surround them, but all wonder who or what are out there?

The Rumors of the Sea Elves readying for leaving seem plausible but are they true?

Since the First years of the town sailors have told a tale of an island that appears and disappears sinking or rising up from the sea during storms. The Sea dwellers claim that no such place exists.

Cassadega Ankeshel

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