Minos city of marble

Minos is a city of 3,967 Minotaur and an adjacent Eladrin Enclave of 311. A firmly lawful society that holds honesty and trust in the highest esteem.

The society:
The Minoan people are a society of pacifists. A colony of thinkers artists and philosophers. Fair traders given to brutal honesty and an unerring sense of direction make them excellent traveling merchants. A sense of accomplishment in their strength and contentment in their gentle nature give then a peace that few other races have.
Among the citizens are a few whom take a burden upon themselves. Standing apart from their people are the Wardens. Seen as dangerous even as they protect the community. The Wardens are those who take a life of action and violence to maintain the peace and way of life that has allowed the Minotaurs of Minos to survive where their kind elsewhere have fallen to the Blood Madness.
The others whom stands apart from the community are the few effected by the Blood Madness.
Sometimes a Minoan will act in violence and an anger will build until they fall into a berserk rage. Most will recover from this with the deep feelings of sorrow remorse and guilt. They are accepted into the Order of the Branded. Keeping this shame the rest of there lives, atoning for the acts they committed. A rare few will not recover and they remain tainted by the fire in their blood. These are the criminals of the Minoan society, the unspoken despair that they all fear. If one is a Warden, a protector, even those trained are subject to the Blood Madness. Making them the most dangerous of the Insane.

The city:
Minos is a city built upon the ruins of an older one who’s architects built for the ages. But ages are a long time. They settled between an abandoned city of stone and the remnant of an Eladrin Enclave that is firmly stuck in the natural world.
In a single generation the stone cutters have turned foundations and an abandoned quarry into a thriving town. The temple is open sided and roofed and is the center of learning, debate and government for Minos. The gymnasium, baths and feast hall take up most of the communal lives of the citizens.
The ancient groves of olive, and fruit trees are again irrigated and the seeds the Minos brought with them are sown. The prairie and hills surrounding the town are dotted with goats. Who grow a coat of long strong fine fur that is clipped and gathered and turned into thread and yarn to make clothes. The milk to make cheese and yogurt.
The Eladrin are a wonderful neighbor whom have taken to the education of their friends with an interest they have rarely shown in the last millennia. And have found that they still have things to learn.
A city upon the coast, Cassadaga Ankshel has begun ship trading and the Minos have a regular caravan to trade their ample olives and fruits for salt and other goods. A few have even taken up as sailors upon some of the more enterprising ships. Their perfect direction sense is winning them many friends aboard ship and in caravans.

The people:
Standing six to seven feet tall with a bovine head. A haired body and hooved feet. Human like hands and often a set of horns.
The clothes are often of angora from the goats the Minos raise. The tabards, skirts and dresses they wear are often dyed in vibrant colors with flowing simple lines. The more to keep cool and show a sense of style.
Fur color runs from black to white, brown and gray of singular color but often shaded.
Each citizen carries a simple satchel with died or fresh fruits and nuts or cheeses. Daily snacks to share with neighbors and friends. A brush or comb to clean dirty fur and a cup to partake of a new pastime among the Minos, cider. Each family has developed it’s own recipe and most contain no alcohol. Though the brewing of ‘apples’ as they are commonly called is a very popular pastime.

Imports: fish packed in sea weed for fertilizer. Salt from the sea. Textiles and dyes.
Exports: stone work, fruits, fresh or dried. Oils olive & mineral. Labor and knowledge.

Some enterprising young Minos have taken up treasure finding in the deep desert. They keep the locations secret to profit from the discovery.

Minos city of marble

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